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VAT exemption

In case your company is established outside the Netherlands, but inside the European Union (EU), we offer you and your company the possibility to order products without paying VAT. This means your business is making use of the intra-community supply.

Intra-community supply conditions

The intra-community supply applies if you satisfy two conditions:
- You let us transport our products to a country outside the Netherlands (but within the EU). You have to prove this from your company’s administration, for example through order forms, order confirmation and transport documents.
- Your company has a VAT identification number in the country where our products are sent to.

Please pay attention: if you are unable to satisfy these conditions, you can’t make use of the VAT exemption.

Which steps to take for the VAT exemption?

1. Discover and select your desired products from our website.
2. Write down the right products or put them in our shopping cart to have a clear view of the products you want to order.
3. For an order with VAT exemption it is necessary to call us at 0031 13 889 4444 or send an e-mail to info@gereedschapcentrum.nl.
4. Please provide us with the name of your company and the connected VAT number, the name of the business owner and the products you would like to order.
5. After receiving the mentioned information, we’ll verify this information via the VIES VAT number validation database.
6. When the information matches the information you provided us, the VAT is not applied and we will process your order after your payment.
7. We will keep you updated on the current status.

We hope this provides you with sufficient information. If you have any questions about the VAT exemption, please feel free to fill in our contact form. We are pleased to help you.


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